• The Power of Faith Sneak Peak

    I've just posted a sneak peak from my new science fiction novel, The Power of Faith on the Books section of this website. It should be available on Amazon sometime in June. Hope you like it!

  • The Power of Faith

    The third installment of the Faith Ferguson Series, The Power of Faith, is in the works. After her summer of discovery, Faith is back in Boston where she hopes to return to a more normal and less magical existence. That is not to be, as she faces threats from both non-magical and magical forces.

    The Power of Faith should be available within the next month, so keep an eye out!

  • Kindle Countdown Deals

    To celebrate the publication of my latest work, The Origin of Faith, I just scheduled kindle countdown deals for all of my books. I put the Ivy Mystery Series and the Faith Ferguson Series in sequence by dates, so that you can purchase them one at a time, while still enjoying the 67% discount. Here are the dates for this promotion:

    A Cosmic Conspiracy 8/22/18-8/29/18
    Under the Ivy (Book 1) 8/22/18-8/29/18
    The Mystery of Faith (Book 1) 8/22/18-8/29/18
    Beyond the Ivy (Book 2) 8/30/18-9/06/18
    After the Ivy (Book 3) 9/07/18-9/14/18
    The Origin of Faith (Book 2) 9/20/18-9/27/18

  • Origin of Faith

    Happy to announce that the second in the Faith Ferguson Book Series, The Origin of Faith, will be available for sale in July 2018. This installment takes Faith and her family to the Shetland Islands, where Faith's full powers are revealed, as she and her family face grave danger, while also trying to solve the mystery of her grandfather’s death.

    I'll be posting an excerpt on this site in the next few weeks. Hope you'll drop by to check it out.

  • Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Paint

    Just finished my first painting (Petals #1) using Holbein Duo Aqua oil paint. I found these water soluable oils to be a great middle ground between acrylics, and traditional oils. They give the blendability of oils without the use of solvents. The clean-up was amazingly easy, washing my brushes with just soap and water. They did, however, not dry any faster than traditional oils. I imagine that this is because I used the Duo Aqua linseed oil, rather than using water as my medium. I haven't yet varnished this work, and I'll be interested to see if I run into any difficulties there, but, so far, I'm very pleased with these paints.

  • Duxbury Art Association's Annual Juried Winter Show

    My painting "Tea with Lemon"Art was accepted into the 2018 Duxbury Art Association's annual winter juried art show which is held at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury MA. This is a wonderful show that runs through the third week in April. If you're in the vicinity, you should definitely drop by.

  • PCA Annual Juried Show

    PCA Annual Juried Show

    I submitted my painting Tea with Lemon, and was pleased to, once again, be selected for the annual juried art show at Plymouth Center for the Arts.

  • Kindle Countdown Deals!

    To celebrate the publication of my new novel, After the Ivy, all three books in the Ivy Mystery Series will be Kindle Countdown Deals. The kindle version of each book will start at $.99 and the price will increase over the next seven days, ending at their usual $5.99. Here is the promotion schedule.
    5/24–5/31 Under the Ivy
    5/31–6/07 Beyond the Ivy
    6/07–6/14 After the Ivy
    Hope you'll take advantage of the great savings. Enjoy!

  • Next Book

    Having just published After the Ivy, I'm turning my attention to the "Faith Series." This time, Faith and her family return to Scotland, where she hopes to learn more about their heritage, and come to grips with her more unique abilities. That aspect of her journey, alone, is enough to cause trepidation, but, upon arriving, events unfold that make this trip anything but a simple spiritual quest. She and her family face loss of life and danger from an unknown source. They, with the help of her boyfriend, Boston Homicide Detective Ed Sinclair, have to ferret out who would do them harm. The tile is The Origin of Faith. and you can look for it on Amazon in 2018.

  • After the Ivy

    After the Ivy

    Both paperback and kindle versions of After the Ivy, the third and final installment in the Ivy Mystery Series are now available on Amazon!